"I am lucky to have worked closely with Eric on travelling exhibitions, temporary exhibitions and the remediation of permanent galleries as a project manager.  I am consistently impressed with his ability to focus on the long-view of exhibitions as well as the dozens of infinitesimal details that present themselves daily as projects evolve.  This ability to think in two streams is very rare and is invaluable.  His perspective is firmly focused on the visitor while balancing the needs of artworks and larger institutional issues.  All of this is reflected in his incredible industrial and graphic design work."   Sarah Beam-Borg, Exhibitions and Public Programs Manager, Aga Khan Museum
"I was constantly impressed with the ease with which Eric handled deadlines and large workload, his good humour when dealing with the unexpected, and his ability to inject creative solutions into even the most extreme time frame. He collaborated seamlessly with other team members and always took the latest intern under his wing."    Dave Hollands, Head of Exhibits & Design, Royal Ontario Museum
"Eric is a highly efficient worker and problem solver. He has excellent time management skills and consistently approaches his tasks with a keen attention to detail and precision. "   Danielle Guevara, Lighting Supervisor for the Canadian Opera Company
"Eric Pellerin est un designer d'exposition à la fois imaginatif et méthodique. Il maitrise autant les aspects techniques que créatifs. L'originalité du concept visuel de l'exposition Viau, des biscuits un histoire a été remarquée par le grand public et les experts."    René Binette, Directeur, Écomusée du fier monde
J'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Eric Pellerin sur de nombreux projets depuis 2000. Sa capacité d'écoute, sa créativité et son professionnalisme ont conduit à des réalisations d'une qualité exceptionnelle, qu'il s'agisse de la conception d'expositions, de publications ou d'affiches publicitaires."   Joanne Burgess, Directrice, Laboratoire d'histoire et de patrimoine
" Eric has a rare understanding of how content and design work together. You'll never find him designing for the sake of design - he considers where and how the design is going to be used, in addition to what it will take to produce it. I don't think you can teach that sort of thing. It makes content-heavy projects like exhibits much more successful, and working on them much less stressful! I can't recommend him enough." Alison Kenzie, Interpretive Planner

* Or what clients, employers and colleagues had to say after working with Eric.