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Working with museums and cultural institutions over the last 18 years, Eric has met the many challenges and demands associated with the world of creative direction, production and installation of exhibitions. During the course of his studies and subsequent career, he acquired an intimate knowledge of museum practices, commercial design and architectural installation. Throughout his experiences, he has led multi-disciplinary teams to develop, design and execute promotional products, marketing campaigns featuring art, archaeology and historical collections. He has valuable knowledge in time and risk management incorporating responsiveness and flexibility; budget planning and execution; maintaining critical path and quality control; motivation and engagement.

In 2013, Eric was recruited by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture to join the team who oversaw the construction and implementation of the first Muslim art museum in North America, the Aga Khan Museum. From the launch in 2014 to the end of 2016, he was the Creative Lead, Design Manager of this cultural hub. His role was to oversee and manage all visual productions of the institution, and to maintain the vision, mandate and brand of the museum throughout all communication vehicles and outreach programmes. 

Since 2016, Eric is the Head of Scenography and Media Productions at the Canadian Museum of History.


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